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Tartan Yachts

For over 50 years, Tartan Yachts have set the standard when it comes to quality craftsmanship and performance in a sailboat. The Tartan creed is to deliver a yacht to the new owners that excels in all performance expectations, spares no expense when it comes to safety, and has the luxurious accommodations that one would anticipate when buying a yacht. It was 1960 when Charlie Britton, the design firm Sparkman & Stevens, and builder Douglass and McLeod would form a partnership to build the first Tartan 27. The Tartan 27 was a departure from the old world of wooden boats and used quality crafted fiberglass hulls to set itself apart during this new age of boat building. The company quickly needed to expand as new models splashed including the 34 and BlackWatch 37 and opened a second shipyard in North Carolina.



As the innovations improved in the boat building industry, so did Tartan Yachts. Tartan soon became an award-winning company, including the Cruising World Boat of the Year award for both the Tartan 31 and 372. The materials used in building a Tartan also developed over time as new higher tech composites and vacuum-bagged resin infusions became available and offered a much stronger hull with better performance. Today, Tartan Yachts are among the best built sailboats in the world.

The Tartan Yachts difference is seen in every component, each technical detail, as well as the commitment Tartan makes in their comprehensive warranty. The decks on Tartan Yachts, for example, our built with longevity in mind and are among the strongest and stiffest of any sailboat in its class. With Tartan’s resin-infusion process, every deck is a 30% resin to 70% fiberglass ratio which is much better for performance than the 70% resin found in many competitive brand boats. This provides the strong, stiff result that Tartan decks are known for.

A comprehensive warranty offers Tartans owners a peace of mind as it is widely known as one of the best in the industry. Tartan’s team of designers and craftsmen take pride in the materials they use and their advanced building techniques. So much so that the Tartan warranty includes 10 years of blister and hull protection as well as a 2-year material and workmanship warranty. This leaves no reason for why Tartan Yachts wouldn’t be your choice when it comes to the important decision of which sailboat to purchase. The Tartan factory currently produces six models: a 345, the all-new 395, 4000, 4300, 4700, and 5300. Contact your Seattle Yacht Sales Professional today to start your search for the perfect Tartan sailboat.

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